Discount Power Racks for Sale

Optimal strength training requires top-notch gym equipment. Our mission is to help you find the best gym gear for all your training goals, whatever your level is right now. So if you are looking for the leading equipment of 2019, look no further. Not only will you find what you need to outfit your home or commercial gym, but we also can keep you up to date on the best deals and promotions around the web.

Here are the products we focus on:

Power Racks

Versatile, strong and effective, the power rack is the centerpiece of a muscle-building exercise routine. There’s no better way to consistently and safely lift weights, increasing muscle mass as well as endurance.

Our power racks can support a lot of weight, so both new and seasoned users have room to be ambitious, while also safely lifting alone. The spotter bars included can give you peace of mind, knowing that you can always safely slide out from under the spotter barbell. Likewise, the weight catches or “lift-off”, are also more than reliable.

Our power racks for sale can also fit anyone’s budget. Even though there’s a wide variety of pricing in our catalog, rest assured, every power rack is strictly tested and designed for maximum performance. Even our low priced power racks boast high weight capacities. For example, the New York Barbells power rack has a 1,000-pound weight capacity, which you just can’t beat that price!

Power racks are also a critical addition to your gym because you can customize them to a great extent. Most commonly, a power rack has a pull up bar, for example, which is located at the front. While certainly not as tall as a pull up tower, a power rack can have a strong pull up bar built-in which can more than support your weight, even if you add a weighted vest.

Another common addition is a lat pull down mechanism. On many of our power rack product pages, you can add a lat pull down attachment if you want. Using a pulley system, a lat pulldown attachment can add an extra dimension to your normal lifting routine. Traditionally, you can use a weight stack, although an alternative is to use Olympic weight plates, as does the New York Barbells power rack. This is a great advantage because you’ll already have the weight plates for lifting the barbell.

Free Weights

Anyone can get started with weight training using some simple but time-tested free weights. We carry the greatest dumbbells, kettlebells, weight bars and weight plates of plenty of different weight levels and varieties. Every single free weight ships free even if you only purchase one at a time.

To make things even more simple, you could purchase a starter set of dumbbells to outfit your home or commercial gym, so there’s the appropriate weight for yourself and others at every stage of training for years to come. For any weight set, and for any free weights you might already have on hand, you can also match them up with a solid free weight rack.

Smith Machines

Smith machines earn their place in any good gym. They strike a good balance between free motion and selectorized weight equipment and can help to target specific arm and shoulder muscles though isolation training. There are excellent smith machines and accessories available for home users, commercial gyms, rehab facilities and even rehab facilities.

Weight Machines

We also have a growing selection of premium weight machines. A good weight machine can supplement your weight training, letting you hone in on specific muscle groups. Available weight machines include the best of arm/tricep machines, leg presses, bench press/squat machines, and lat pulldowns.

Plate loaded weight machines can come as stand-alone or simply as attachments for power cages, smith machines and Olympic weight benches. For example, some weight benches come with the option to add a preacher curl station to the front. Power cages and smith machines frequently have options for lat pulldowns.

Ab & Back Equipment

There are more ab exercises to do than just sit-ups. Abdominal boards use your bodyweight combined with different inclines to boost the resistance. Some ab boards or benches also function as weight machines, using olympic weight plates for added resistance.

There are also roman chairs, also called hyperextension boards. With a similar concept to abdominal boards, roman chairs keep you in place and let you use your own body weight at different angles to develop both your abs and back. Don’t forget that pull up towers, while not only for ab workouts, are effective because most of them have vertical knee raise (VKR) stations.

Pull up Bars

We have three popular styles of pull up bars. The best overall variety is the pull up tower. If you have the ceiling height for it, pull up towers are easy to set up and use, and they typically come loaded with more capability that just a pull up bar itself. Additionally, some pull up towers can be paired with a power cage, which using a weight stack, can let you perform “assisted” pull ups as are typically available in a good commercial setting.

While doorway and mounted pull up bars don’t come with the set of features that pull towers do, they are great in terms of portability and space-efficiency. Doorway pull up bars are great for beginners and those wanting maximum portability, while wall or ceiling mounted pull up bars have greater weight capacities and overall stability.

Weight Benches

Weight benches come in two basic styles: flat benches and incline/decline benches. If you are going to use a power cage or smith machine, you need to pair your cage up with an Olympic weight bench that can accommodate your intended weight capacity. For heavy bench presses, a bench that you can set at different levels of incline or decline is ideal. Flat benches are more simple but are still very useful for free weight exercises. A good bench will help you keep a proper form, stabilize your movements and ultimately maximize your options in strength training workouts.

What are your strength training goals?

Increasing muscle mass, or hypertrophy happens best with high repetitions with medium weights and short breaks in between sets. Smith machines and plate loaded equipment are best at targeting specific muscle groups with consistent, precise motions.

Muscular strength correlates with muscle mass, but it is a distinct goal. Strength is gained through lifting heavy weights with more limited repetitions and longer rest periods. This causes important chemical changes in the body, including more muscle glycogen and stored glucose, adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate. These biochemical adaptations let you take on increasingly heavyweights. The best overall option for building muscular strength is the power cage. Some power cages even have weight capacities that are 1,000+ pounds.

Muscle tone is the visibility or definition of your muscles. This requires both muscle mass and strength of not just large muscles but the surrounding, supporting muscles as well as certain body composition. Altogether, that makes you look “chiseled”. Functional training is great for muscle tone. Training equipment that relies on your own body for resistance, like abdominal boards and power towers, as well as cable crossover machines, are ideal for providing what’s sometimes called functional fitness. That is the kind of strength that’s applicable to daily life, where you need to move your body in many different ways.

Home or Commercial Grade Gym Equipment

Both home and commercial strength training equipment is available. Manufacturers determine warranty periods by the anticipated intensity and frequency of us, which are factors you should consider when choosing equipment to set up your gym.

If you will be purchasing a power cage or other piece of equipment for your own home, then your purchase will always be covered under a great warranty. This is because whether the equipment is called “commerce”l or note, products under residential use will be covered by default because you probably won’t be using it 8 hours a day every day. Generally, as a home user, you can often come away with at least a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty even up to a lifetime warranty. So, while commercial customers should look at “commercial grade” equipment, we encourage home users to look at all of the available strength training equipment.

If you have big training goals, commercial grade equipment might even be a necessity. There is a strong correlation between weight capacity, function and durability of power cages and other equipment. Strength equipment that’s most popular in a home gym usually comes with a weight capacity of at least a few hundred pounds. Commercial equipment, on the other hand, can often be expected to push 1,000 pounds! Another factor to consider is that your partner or household may want to use cage or machine, so it would make sense to make that extra investment in the best product that is backed for life.

We have one of the strongest, complete selection of the best power cages available from the top manufacturers in the nation. Altogether our power cages and machines represent the best strength training equipment for home or commercial equipment today. You might have never owned equipment like this before, you could be a bodybuilder or you could be purchasing for a large commercial city. It doesn’t matter. Your search for the right equipment is over!