Pull up towers, power towers or free standing pull up bars are the best long term variety of pull up bar. While not portable like smaller pull up bars, pull up towers are overall the best long term option for a pull up bar.

Our pull up towers are from the leading brands in the country, and every one of them ships free to the lower 48 states.

Discount Pull up Tower Q & A

Why use a pull up tower?

Assuming you have a high enough ceiling and a little floor space, installing a pull up tower in your home gym is very doable. Once you set it up, there are almost never any moving parts you’ll need to maintain. No accessories such as free weights are required for the exercises (not unless you want to enhance your routine – more on that below).

It’s a time-tested simple tool to push your body to its limits, targetting your upper body and core strength with natural movement and only your natural body weight.

What other exercises can I do?

Pull ups or chin ups alone can yield impressive gains in functional strength and muscular endurance.

They are called pull up towers, and of course, that’s the exercise that they are best for. However, most of our pull up towers come with other special features to make other powerful exercises possible. When it comes to maximizing space with functionality, pull up towers really are unbeatable.

You will always have the option of doing leg lifts, for example. For those you have a foam padded back and forearm rest with handles. Facing outward from the pull up tower, you can hold proper form and lift your legs up with plenty of room. Usually, there are gripped step-ups to help users of any height get in position or come down.

There are other options that depend on the pull up tower in question, including push up handles, advanced pull up grips, resistance band hooks and more.

Of course, you can always use chains or a weighted vest to add to your natural weight.

Why not use a mounted or doorway pull up bar?

Those styles are are good options, but a pull up tower gives you the ultimate pull up experience. What they lack in portability they more than make up in power and function. Aside from all of the other exercises you can do, there are structural advantages. Towers have a wide base and a heavy gauge steel frame. They can handle the most weight, whether that’s just your own body weight or you wearing a weighted vest or chain. You’re limited on floor space and ceiling height, of course, but with a pull up tower you never have to finagle and worry about having just the right size of door. You don’t have to worry about leaving scuff marks on the door posts either or causing any other harm. Mounted pull up bars share the power pull up towers but are just limited to pull ups.

What’s a good routine for using a pull up tower?

The “big 3” exercises you can do with a pull up tower are pull ups, vertical knee raises and dips. So you will want to take advantage of them all. This is one of the greatest tools for functional fitness, so consistency of exercise and repetitions is key. In the process, you’ll be working out major muscle groups and stabilizer muscles in your arms and core. Experiment with the speed of your reps and increase them as you go. More advanced users can put use things like a weighted vest, bands or chains for more weight. Often you can do other exercises with pull up towers, such as push ups, modified leg lifts using ab slings or even speed bag training for boxing and MMA.

Should I buy a commercial or a home free standing pull up bar?

If you need a pull up tower for a commercial facility, then commercial is always the right choice. Home users can benefit from home AND commercial grade pull towers. If you want to use a pull up tower or any other large strength training equipment, then you simply need to consider the kind of functionality and specifications you will need as well as the kind of warranty you want to back your purchase. How often will you use the pull up tower, for what exercises, how much, and do you have other people in the house who will also use it? Generally speaking, manufacturers will offer LIFETIME warranties for home use. So really, your main concern as a home user is how to get the most use out of your pull up tower over the long term.