Weight benches can support all kinds of free weight training, supporting your weight and position while you do repetitions with dumbbells, barbells and more.

There are a few varieties depending on your training goals. A simple flat workout bench is good for basic training, while flat/incline/decline benches (or simply FID benches) are better suited for more advanced repetitions with higher weights. These benches can quickly be set at different angles, which lets you target and develop different muscle groups in unique ways.

We have a wide selection of different types of workout benches, representing different weight capacities, styles, and accessories. Any given weight bench can pair up perfectly with a corresponding power cage from the same manufacturer.

Why have a weight bench?

Efficient Exercise

Weight benches are designed to maximize your free weight training routines. The right bench supports you comfortably, helping you maintain proper form and push your target muscle groups to the limit. With high capacities, heavy gauge steel and firm foundations, weight benches stay grounded and can keep up with the intensity of every workout. There’s no replacement for them; if you want to get the most powerful weight training possible, then you have got to have the right weight bench.


A weight bench is a key component of the ideal home gym set up, but it’s also ideal for a minimalist or new strenght trainer. Weight benches are about the size of “regular” furniture, and most people could easily put one in their garage. That’s especially possible considering some models of weight benches can be folded up and stowed out the way when not in use. Really, you can do wonders for your fitness with a simple set of dumbbells and a weight bench. When you’re ready, you can always add on a power cage. Just remember, if you have big goals for weight lifting, be sure to get a weight bench (and then a power cage) with a weight capacity that can keep up with you for the long term.


Weight benches, like our other great strength training equipment, can also come with great options, such as a preacher curl attachment. Effectively, with the attachments or add-ons and some Olympic weight plates, you can turn your weight bench into a kind of weight machine. So, there are many other cost-effective ways to take your training routine to a whole new level.